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Last active Nov 12, 2021
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Install nodenv on Ubuntu

Installing nodenv on ubuntu

nodenv is a great tool, but its installation on Ubuntu is never smooth for me. Here are instructions to install nodenv along with node-build and node-aliases plugins.

ℹ️ note - nodenv recommands updating the PATH though not all programs run in a shell. i prefer adding symlinks to the nodenv binary and shims to make it available everywhere.

The script can be pasted into a terminal as is

# install the base app
git clone ~/.nodenv

# add nodenv to system wide bin dir to allow executing it everywhere
sudo ln -vs ~/.nodenv/bin/nodenv /usr/local/bin/nodenv

# compile dynamic bash extension to speed up nodenv - this can safely fail
cd ~/.nodenv
src/configure && make -C src || true
cd ~/

# install plugins
mkdir -p "$(nodenv root)"/plugins
git clone "$(nodenv root)"/plugins/node-build
git clone $(nodenv root)/plugins/nodenv-aliases

# install a node version to bootstrap shims
nodenv install 14.7.0
nodenv global 14

# make shims available system wide
sudo ln -vs $(nodenv root)/shims/* /usr/local/bin/

# make sure everything is working
node --version
npm --version
npx --version
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